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What we do

I enjoyed the induction session with Gary and found it very informative and helpful to understand where New Key started and the vision for the future.

I felt the way that he explained the eligibility criteria made sense. I have worked towards desired outcomes in previous support roles, but never had it explained as how the simple things when recorded meet the eligibility criteria. Gary explained developing a PATH and showed me how it worked which I found helpful and could see how the eligibility criteria can be met.

Staff member on our Induction programme

What we do at New Key

At New Key, our mission is to empower individuals to become true citizens in their chosen communities by providing them with individualised financial budgets and tailor-made support.

We believe that everyone we support should have the following:

Their Own Financial Budget for Support
We ensure that individuals have their own budget for support, which can be in the form of an Individual Service Fund (ISF), Direct Payment, or Commissioned service. We prioritise the individual's needs and preferences, allowing them to have control over their support hours, rather than adhering to someone else's rota.
Tailor-Made Support
We assist individuals in creating a personalised working plan, we train their support team accordingly to provide support in their day-to-day lives and help them achieve their desired future. Our goal is to enable individuals to have an individual financial budget, giving them control over their money and ultimately their lives in a way that they understand. We encourage them to build strong circles of support, reducing reliance on paid staff and increasing natural support. We continually update and develop their plans to help them become fully integrated members of their community.
Their Own Dedicated Support Team of Their Choice
We support each individual in building their dedicated support team right from the beginning. We involve them in the interview process, provide opportunities for spending time together, and ensure that the values, personalities, and lifestyles of the support team members align with those of the individual. We prioritise compatibility to ensure that only individuals who meet the criteria become part of their support team.
Their Own Home
We assist and work alongside individuals to take control of their lives and help them secure the home they desire, wherever they want it. Whether it is rented accommodation, a shared ownership scheme, purchasing with a mortgage, or buying outright, we respect their choices and support them in finding appropriate accommodation that suits their needs. We do not impose any specific location but strive to ensure that individuals can live where they want and have a home that meets their preferences.

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How we work

At New Key, we prioritise listening to and respecting the individuals we support. We believe that they have the power to shape their own lives and make decisions about the support they receive.

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Who we are

At New Key, our vision is simple: to engage each individual we support in unlocking their potential and turning their dreams and aspirations into reality.