What is co-production?

Co-Production in health and social care is professionals working in partnership with the people who use their service and their carers/family. It is the principle that everyone views are equal and that everyone needs to work together to get systems in place that work for everyone.

There are 4 principles to co-production:

1. Equality – everyone has something to give and nobody is more important than anyone else.

2. Diversity – services should make sure everyone can take part in co-production.

3. Access – there shouldn’t be anything that makes it difficult for any group of people to take part in co-production.

4. Reciprocity – this means everyone getting something for what they do in co-production. Sometimes they get money. Sometimes they get something for free. It is also about making friends and feeling good about helping people.

At New Key we strive to co-produce in our work and to make a service that works for the people who use our service and their carers.

Scie have made an easy read guide for further information on co-production click below.


How do we co-produce at New Key?


We have organised and delivered training with the people we support in Autism, Dignity and induction training to our staff. We have found that working with the people we support gives staff a greater understanding of their situation and how to support people. Co-production makes the training more powerful and meaningful for all involved and it has allowed us to adjust our policies and systems to include ideas from the people we support and staff from our training sessions.

People We Support Reviews and Family and Carer Groups

The People We Support Reviews and Family/Carer Groups are the platform we use to work with the people we support and their families to review and change our service. They allow people to shape the service to suit their needs and wishes. These have lead to events being co-produced with the people we support.