At Newkey Bristol we pride ourselves on having an outcome based approach to our work we use a variety of systems to support people to work on their outcomes and to help them achieve.

What are Outcomes and why are they important?

Outcomes are the goals/targets/achievements that the people we support are aiming to achieve. Without setting outcomes there would be no direction to the support and it would be easy for a person to deskill or pause in their development. It’s important to set outcomes with the person we support to help them engage with their support and increase their independence.

How are we outcome focused?

Pathway meetings

When a person joins our service we will have a pathway meeting with the person and whoever else they want to be there – This could be other professionals, family or carers. The person will share their interests and then will build a pathway for their life. We begin with writing down what their life long goals are and then work from the beginning to see how we can achieve them. We take into account what skills the person has, what resources are available to them and what community groups could be of use. This pathway is then revisited at the person’s review meetings.

Outcomes Forms

The outcomes forms are used by the person we support and our support workers. The person we support will decide what outcomes they want to work on and these will relate to the pathway they have built. The outcomes forms provide evidence for what work the support workers and the person we support have been working on as well being a useful communication tool to help support workers see how far the person has got with each outcome.

Outcomes Tracker

The Key our outreach day service have just designed a new outcomes tracker which visualises a person’s development and links it to the outcomes local authorities are seeking them to achieve. The visualisation of the outcomes they have achieved becomes a useful tool for us to see strengths and weaknesses in a person’s development, it can help to shift the focus in a person’s development to strengthen areas that may have been missed. We are looking into adapting this into our supported living service.