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Enriching Afternoon at Shallowford Farm: A Day of Learning and Fun

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By New Key

New Key Shallowford Farm support workers with individual

On Friday, 28th April, a group of the individuals we proudly support embarked on an exciting afternoon journey to Shallowford Farm, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Dartmoor. The trip was an unforgettable experience that merged fun and education, offering a deeper understanding of farm life and a closer connection to nature.

The visit to the farm, arranged through our Activities 115 initiative, was a perfect opportunity for these individuals to step out of their everyday routine and enjoy the tranquillity and simplicity of rural life.

The day began with our group assembling at Kingsbridge Quay, buzzing with anticipation. The shared transport provided a wonderful start to the day, as everyone chatted animatedly about what they were most looking forward to seeing and doing at the farm.

Upon arrival at Shallowford Farm, the group was greeted by the sight of Spring lambing – an annual event that marks the season of rebirth and renewal. They watched in awe as newborn lambs took their first steps in the verdant pastures, a truly heartwarming sight that resonated with all.

support worker with arm around individual

But the Spring lambing was just the beginning of the adventure. The afternoon was filled with a variety of engaging activities and interactions with other farm animals. From feeding the clucking hens to petting the friendly farm dogs, every moment was a learning experience that fostered a greater appreciation for these animals and the roles they play in our ecosystem.

In addition to animal interactions, the group also had the chance to participate in various farm chores. This hands-on experience provided an insight into the hard work that goes into maintaining a farm, inspiring a newfound respect for farmers and their indispensable contribution to our society.

This trip to Shallowford Farm has not just been a delightful outing but also an enriching learning opportunity that we hope will have a lasting impact on the individuals we support. We’re grateful to Activities 115 for funding this incredible experience and look forward to more such adventures in the future. Stay tuned for updates on our next venture!

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